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Before and After - with light editing.

So you have just completed your portrait session with me on location, felt beautiful and had a lot of fun. But now you can't wait to receive the images and want to get them the same day or tomorrow. We do live in an instant world now and we have technology to thank for that, however, I wanted to let you know that I work on the best images from your session. I start by downloading them onto my computer, then converting the raw images into editing programs that allow me to begin on enhancing them to make them more true to real life. I then look at the needed color corrections, leveling the images, cropping and sometimes the removal of a blemish is needed for retouching. Just a reminder that I am a natural light photographer and my goal is to enhance what was already beautiful to begin with and to make it as beautiful as I began with.

  • I love trying to capture a lens flairs

  • To capture sunrise or sunset golden hour images, I usually underexpose these images so when I edit the background has sufficient color and definition.

  • I try my best to get my models skin tone true to color & at times cropping the images is needed to fit the image is ideal.

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