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Pregnancy Portraits

Updated: Jul 11, 2018

I absolutely love photographing beautiful women who are expecting... I always encourage mamas to get their portraits taken while in their last term of pregnancy. Their body has allowed them to grow their babies blood cells, spine, bones, organs all the way to their eyes, fingers and toes... It's truly a blessing and a gift to bring a child into this world. Our bodies are so amazing! and its time to celebrate it, with a beautiful portrait session.

I love that Carleigh and I truly shared a similar vision in what kind of 'golden hour' portrait session she desired! With the magical sunlight from sunset, stunning beaches of Hawaii and the pure beauty of the human form... Willing to let go and show her baby-bump wearing lace, a hand-made haku lei by me, and even baring it all / nude. I am so happy to see how these turned out, and I know Carleigh is also!

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