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We got Engaged & Married in 6 months

2019 was a year to remember that’s for sure. I had been really sick with Pneumonia the last couple of weeks of 2018. I was devastated that I didn’t even get to enjoy New Years in Hawaii, with fireworks over the ocean, instead I was stuck at home in bed coughing from all the smoke seeping thru the windows from the illegal street fireworks, outside.

The next morning January 1, 2019 I was feeling a little better and had been chatting with my parents in Australia over face-time, I was in a good mood and feeling slightly better. Lloyd, had me standing in the living room and before I knew it, Lloyd was on bended knee proposing – confessing his love for me, with tears rolling down his cheeks, asking me to be his wife. i said "YES!" - he put a ring on my finger, and just like that we were engaged.

Turns out, Lloyd had a bigger better plan to pop the question. His vision was to hike up a mountain top to watch the fireworks across Honolulu, and at the stroke of midnight he wanted to pop the question. I had been sick for a while and December 31st I truly wanted to be outdoors and celebrate with the rest of Hawaii, but I was feeling horribly sick. I do have to mention that Lloyd was persistent, and more than usual at getting me to go out, even for 20 minutes!, now I know why! The most important thing for me to remember that its, not always about where you are for that magical moment, it’s about the person you're with and how they make you feel, and when the moment is right. But, if you are in the perfect location and you’re with the right person and the moment is spot on, it's perfection.

We kept our little engagement from a many of our friends for a couple of weeks. Family knew and couple of our closest mates knew – we just wanted to enjoy this moment and make it ours! In the meantime I had a photographer friend Christine @alohawishesphotograhy take some pictures of us at Lloyd’s favourite beach, Sandy’s, for our engaged announcement photos.

A couple of months went by and we traveled to Indonesia in the spring, and when May came around we started to talk about the best time to get married with all the family around. But, with my family in Australia and on the West Coast of USA and most of Lloyd’s Ohana in Oahu and some also on the West Coast, along with the rising cost of a planned intimate wedding… We decided to save our money for traveling and elope on the beach just the two of us! It was beautiful! A marriage is about two people coming together becoming one unit and in love, with your person. And that’s how we wanted it to be.

Our friend Ainsley married us, and another friend Cayenne @cayenne_and_co who took some photos to document our special day. Short and sweet, loads of love and with words “I DO“, a beautiful sunrise on a stunning Hawaiian beach, sand between our toes and the love floating all around us. There is something truly special about eloping and the magic that happens when it’s just the two of you!

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