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March 8, 2016


Photo’s above/Left to Right: Kalena, Renee, Kimi (Make-up/Hair and clothing stylist), Marie and Ellise, All about to take a small hike to our chosen destination for our photo shoot.


I like to work with friends that have similar interests and visions. Sometimes it’s all about doing an exchange and helping us all build a fantastic portfolio, and just having a lot of fun getting creative. Above are images from a great day working with a bunch of beautiful woman all with great goals and visions in mind for us all to benefit.

Kimi (Make-up/Hair and clothing stylist) and I always wanted to work on a project together. We started messaging each other and talking about getting creative with our goals and visions and putting them into reality.  She was amazing and asked her friends, some with modelling experience and some without, if they want to be a part of our project… once we had a handful of willing ladies, we came up with a concept ‘Avant Garde’. Kimi has amazing make up and styling skills and she was able to come up with styles the best fit for each participant, with the look Kimi had in mind.

We were on a strict budget and Kimi searched high and low in friend’s wardrobes and thrift shops for exciting outfits or items to enhance her vision, overall look. With four beautiful and different looking ladies with different backgrounds, experiences and styles that really pulled off their look.

It was up to me to find a location that would enhance each models look and with a variety of options… I scouted several locations prior to the day of our production, for what I felt would be the best, without harsh lighting. It did involve some light hiking into the forest and I needed to be sure that all the ladies would feel comfortable with the light trail-walk and be able to do it with their hair in place, their makeup perfect without it sweating off (especially with all the humidity), and clothes wouldn’t get damaged, and most importantly all of us would be safe.

Once we got to the prime location, the girls got their final touches... and then it was 'Action'. They all did a fantastic job, getting the angles that was best for them, showcasing their beauty with the stylings Kimi created. We all worked really hard in getting 'THAT SHOT' for each of them, from two spots at this location. we all cheered  and hugged and thanked each other for everyone’s hard work and making it all come together. 

I rushed home to edit all the 100's of images I photographed and carefully chose the perfect ones to edit, and give to all the ladies. It was a fun and creative day... some girls even surprised themselves on how well they did and photographed as they were in a happy comfortable setting with girls that encouraged and made a fun environment.

Check out Kimi's site

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