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5 Reasons why Studio Portraits are Essential for Models and Entrepreneurs in Honolulu, Hawaii

Super excited that I will be hosting mini sessions for models or entrepreneurs that need to update their portfolios. Here are 5 reasons for you to get those Digital/Headshots:

  1. Building a modeling portfolio that helps you showcase your beauty and talents.

  2. Headshots to introduce yourself for your business portfolios.

  3. Showoff your new look.

  4. Lifestyle or Location change and ready to announce it to your clientele.

  5. Build content for your business, blogs or discussion boards.

Once you get your portraits taken and receive your digitals, upload them to your desired portfolio pages and watch yourself or business succeed and grow! It's all about showing face and letting your clientele know who you are.

On November 26, 2023, I have a handful of mini digital portraits sessions available for those interested in sprucing up their portraits! I am super excited to get into this stunning trendy new studio and photograph at 'Shutter Haus' studio located in Chinatown, Honolulu. There will be plenty of classic and colored backdrops, props and seating options available. I will also be using their light system to help highlight and make you shine during your session.

Come join in the fun and allow me to create striking, beautiful and creative digitals of you.

Click the Picture or 'Book Now' button to grab these limited spots.

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