Dickson Family

Queensland, Australia

"Oshi has an instant rapport with children.  She was able to make my son, who can feel shy, comfortable enough to join in with a role play scenario and have fun during the shoot.  This enabled Oshi to capture his real character in some fantastic natural looking shots. She was also so gentle and at ease handling our newborn and got some beautiful shots in a short amount of time.  I would highly recommend Oshi as she has given us some amazing photographs of both our sons which we will treasure for ever." 

Deshae L.

Ewa Beach, Hawaii

"Working with Oshi was different! I moved out to Hawaii from the east coast. Her technique, as well as natural focus reeled me in. The way she used her time of day and scenery, really helped my complexion alot. You could tell she knew how to blend natural colors really well. Even when I didn't know what to do as far as a pose, she gave gentle guidance as what to do. I look forward to working with Oshi again!"

Renee G.

Honolulu, Hawaii

"Oshi is a fantastic photographer. Her locations for my photography shoots were creative and a sweet adventure in themselves. That is just the beginning though, in the images Oshi created excels in affirming through words and by capturing each individual's beauty or handsomeness. She is patient and gentle in directing people in front of the camera. Altogether she is a delightful artisan whose art captures beauty that an individual may not have known they possess."

Valerie & Laka P.C

Honolulu, Hawaii


“We put a lot of trust in you, Oshi, to photograph our most special memories and you always manage to EXCEED our expectations. Your ability to capture raw emotion and personal connection is simply breathtaking. We truly appreciate your time and energy and we look forward to working with you again and again as new chapters of our life unfold. We will enthusiastically and sincerely recommend ‘Oshi Simpson Photography’ to any of our friends.”

Christina M.

Honolulu, Hawaii

“My first shoot with Oshi took place on the morning of April 25, 2009. It was my first shoot where I was able to bring multiple outfits and do a variety of shots so I was very excited. Despite the fact that she is my friend, Oshi was very professional and gave me great direction, in between all of the smiles and laughter. Several other photo shoots since then, photographed By Oshi and they have been my best so far and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to work with her. Her outgoing and welcoming personality shines through her camera lens as she excitedly shares her ideas. Oshi isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty and goes to great physical length to get that one awesome shot others may fear to attempt.”

Jenna H.

Honolulu, Hawaii

My first experience with Oshi and in front of a camera was an eye opener for me. I was very nervous and lacking confidence!

I just became a certified Zumba instructor and needed some headshots and a variety others to promote my classes.  Oshi helped me to relax and just have fun and encouraged me to show off my moves…

My second session was more on a personal note and I was able to have fun and get creative, while my third session was my favourite and the most fun! I was able to participate in her ‘FACES’ project.

“Honestly there is something happening inside of you when you are being photographed, it’s like what is inside of you, is coming out”. Oshi captured that and really brought out the best in me.

It was so overwhelming when I received these images.  They were amazing and so unique, and I would recommend Oshi for her fun personality and her ability to relate to all kinds of people and circumstances, her willingness to make you feel comfortable and for you to get what you are looking for in a portrait session.

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