• Oshi Simpson

Garden Goddess

A few weeks ago I was able to #photograph the amazingly #beautiful #goddess Christina Sakura (excited, as she also happens to be one of my best friends). I have been wanting to get #creative and photograph in a unique #garden location and had desired to try somewhere a little different - other than the beach scene... What was more drastic and on the other side of the spectrum... A dry Desert Cactus scene - YES! I had been to this garden location a couple of times many years ago and always thought it was beautiful. I guess I had stored and filed that information somewhere in the back of my memory, to consider it for a location for one of my #photoshoots. Check out some of the images from this fun filled day, in the garden! Our Unique Garden of Eden.

FYI: Did you know there are over 1750 species of cactus! WOW!

I always thought there was something beautiful about the #cactus and how amazing it is that Mother Nature knew to grow spikes for protection. Most of these amazing #plants are filled with enormous amounts of #water/nectar and the spines help prevent water loss. Wikipedia is amazing!

Christina surrounded by cactus.

Christina smiles as she is in a garden or is it heaven, with this beautiful and sexy #dress.

One of my favorites, of Christina.

Christina getting close to the spines on these cactus plants.

Christina Working her dress showing her beautiful curves.

There is no better place... Nature!

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