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Sunrise Sr. Portrait Session

The other Sunday I had the pleasure of photographing a sweet young lady, Jade. Now, we had rescheduled this session in the past as we had experienced a lot of rain-floodiing in April. We chose to make it on a Sunday when the weather report predicted a better day! The morning started out early, the moon was still bright and full with stars still twinkling. I drove 20 minutes to our perfect destination and then hiked thru

4 foot high grass and cob-webs, to get the best view of the magical Hawaiian sunrise.

It was Jades first time being in front of the camera for a portrait session and was nervous about posing, and trying to look natural. It was hard to believe she was so nervous, as from the moment I met her, her personality was fun, bubbly and loud, just full of energy! Within the first few minutes she had let her nerves go and just started having fun with it... there was nobody there except myself and her mom (during most of her portrait session).

As a natural light photographer, I love those beautiful days when the sky awakens with beautiful colors and a warm sunrise kisses that kiss my skin and lens. It's that special magical hour when the golden light meets earth and creates my photoshoot location into a photographers heaven.

A big congratulations to Jade as she graduates high school in a few weeks, then embarks on the journey to travel to Europe to study for her 4 year university degree. Now, that is brave! Good Luck and congratulations Miss Jade!

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