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The Tree of Serenity & a Beauty

Another #creative session with my friend Christina Sakura in the 'Garden of Eden'. We were #blessed to have walked around this #amazing diverse #garden engaging in the many kinds of #plants, #trees, insects and birds. On our way to the end of the garden, we chose to turn Left instead of following the path that would have made us turn right. We both turned our heads and gasped - "WOW," and our jaws dropped to the ground. We were blessed to see one of the most #magical trees ever! The #images posted just don't do it justice! The #best image is the one in-bedded in my memory! It's called "The Tree of Serenity" its #green and golden #yellow tones just sparkled with magic as the #sunlight glowed around it... illuminating the beautiful green and yellow colors, it was like seeing a #unicorn or stepping into #heaven. We stood there starring and gasping... This spot was perfect! Christina had packed an angelic yellow dress, ideal for this location.

Note: one of the most amazing #photographers that has been able to capture this type of tree (my favorite scenic photographer - also Australian) is the amazing Peter Lik.

The magic that is the 'Tree of Serenity'.

Angelic Christina, smiles with joy.

Christina lights up with the rays of sunlight

Breathing-in the magic of 'The Tree of Serenity'

Christina, blessed with beauty, love and happiness.

This woman Christina shines in daylight and sparkles at night.

'The Tree of Serenity' is so big that Christina looks like a tiny garden fairy.

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