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Designer with Vision, Style & Talent!

Most of you know that I was born and raised in Australia. Growing up in Queensland on the Sunshine Coast, talent was heard and seen all over town. Growing up in a small town, I was lucky with amazing friends with fantastic talents ranging from world class Surfers, Athletes & Artists. I knew early on that a good handful of my BFFs would do very well in this world. Not only with their warm personalities and caring hearts, but with their skills.

Above is a dear friend Tara, the designer and creator of

'Sets of Seven'. Recently an Australian Awarded Winner for her designs in swimwear, this entrepreneur really knows what the ultimate beach-girl loves to wear.

Check out Tara's site:

-I was home in January 2016 to see my family and friends, Tara and I finally had our opportunity to catch up with a lovely glass of wine, a cheese & fruit platter that was beautiful and delicious on the balcony of her new home. We laughed and had wonderful stories to share!

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